Dear Suzanne Collins,

Please write a prequel to your popular series, The Hunger Games. This prequel should involve the first Hunger Games and how the nation crumbled and came to such a low so as to allow a dictator to separate citizens into districts and demand they send their children into an arena and fight to the death.

These are the things I need to know.




Anonymous asked:

Minkey, fright, an old library

minhosnoona answered:

Kibum doesn’t know what the fuck he was thinking when he agreed to Minho’s idiotic idea. Yes he left his cellphone in the library, yes it’s already closed at this time of night and yes it will be closed for the whole weekend, and yes Kibum can’t live without his phone, but still. Sneaking into the old library at night, when all the other students are asleep and the janitor is bound to be making his rounds, and the floorboards are creaking louder than ever is simply insane. 

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